How do I get started with AOI?

After receiving your All Over Internet Router, you will need to activate the service by purchasing a monthly plan using your router's unique identifier (Serial Number). Monthly service plans can be found here. Our complete step by step guide for activating can be found here.

How do I use my AOI router?

Start by making sure the router is powered on. The network name and passkey will be displayed on the router. Then, with the network name and passkey, connect to the router through the network settings on the device(s) being connected.

What is proration?

Proration is the percentage paid for the remainder of the first month of service. For example, there are 30 days in April, and you activate your service on the 18th of April. The plan is discounted 60% (18/30) for the remaining month of service. In this example, the total paid for the 300gb plan, with the first prorated month and first full month would be $50 ($125 x 40%) + $125 = $175 plus applicable taxes.

Do I have a contract?

No contracts and no credit checks! That's why All Over Internet is loved everywhere! Cancel and reactivate on YOUR time by closing out your subscription in your AOI account log in.

Do I need to reactivate every month?

When purchasing the monthly service, you agree to a monthly recurring payment for the selected service plan. Reactivations are only necessary after cancelling All Over Internet service.

How do I cancel my service?

Subscription cancellations are taken care of through the customer account on our website. Subscriptions can be seen under the subscription menu in the account after logging in. Note: All Over Internet service plans are PRE-PAID and are non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.

What is the monthly service cost?

All Over Internet services start at just $100 a month for 50GB monthly. With data plans available up to 750GB a month! These are recurring services, with billing recurring on the 1st of every month. Find these plans here.

How many devices can I have connected to my AOI router?

The All Over Internet router is capable of supporting up to 8 devices at once.

Does the AOI router require a constant power source?

Not necessary! the All Over Internet router is equipped with a 4000ma battery, withstanding about 15 hours of constant runtime. However, the router must be charged regularly with the provided charging cord.

Can I return my AOI router?

Yes, All Over Internet router returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase. However, the service for the All Over Internet router is non-refundable.

Will my location be covered by AOI?

Please refer to the All Over Internet coverage map found here!

How do I contact AOI?

Get in contact with All Over Internet by filling out the contact form found here.