About us

What is AOI?

All Over Internet

is an American company established in 2020 with the mission to make internet more accessible to winter visitors, business owners, those that travel by road and those that want an internet solution with no strings attached. AOI works hard to provide a product that can benefit people of all backgrounds. From working with trucking companies to retirement communities, All Over Internet has you covered.


Meet The Founders!

Anders Thomas

Anders is the head of operations and oversees the day to day aspects of All Over Internet. That's not all, Anders is the person to go to when looking for wholesale deals and other ways to work together.

Cody Currie

Cody is a soul-driven software developer and the master tech here at All Over Internet. Not only does Cody take care of the website, he automates the processes needed to keep the ball rolling.

Jose Canto

Jose leads the sales division and is known for his amazing ability to connect with people. Social interaction is just one of the many things that keeps Jose going strong.

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Jack Montague